beware directed by matthew williams

1st and foremost i must say that matthew williams work is pretty dope. his work displays huge juxtapositions of surrealism and realism. he loves to make his audience feel as though they are watching a documentary of something, and suddenly you creep into this surrealist moment for just a short while, then boom, back to reality. however, i am not a fan of this video at all. very well executed, but i am definitely surprised. 

my interpretation: definitely more towards the "short film" direction. would have loved to see something with a narrative, very passionate, with a lot of different emotions (anger, sadness, distress, love, charm, innocence, unity, and desire.) the color thing could have came into play simply with differently lighting set ups. (red=desire/passion, blue+sadness). something like this i think would have been more effective in expressing the meaning of the song, and meanwhile, showing a different and brighter side to big sean. a bit disappointed, but not surprised when i see the direction of music videos anyway.