“confessions part 2” usher directed by Chris Robinson (not the best director in the world, but deserves much respect. the man is kind of a legend. ignore the beginning. we don’t care about the narrative so much (but narratives usually are good additions to music videos because then its not just a music video anymore.) 

look at the lighting, approach, movements of the talent, camera movements, and what specific parts of the body are shown that correspond emotionally. i prefer more of a contrast for this video, meaning playing with blacks and whites. however, the neutral toning to this video give it a sort of blithe and nonchalant feeling. i dont think that will work for the remake of “hero”. the song isnt about a gray area. the song isnt about “should i go left or should i go right.” the talent has already made their decision, but i’m afraid the feeling is so strong that it leaves him really feeling more bemused.