caribbean queen

billy ocean “caribbean queen”. this video is bad thats its good. i couldn’t help but notice the awful casting, mediocre editing, and unflattering lighting. At the same time, i couldn’t help but love the video. It could be because I really love the song, but more so because of the video’s creative concept and strangely amazing visually additions.

the video introduces the artist for what he is, a performer that is just like everyone else when it comes to crushes. through the shots and narrative approach, i got that feeling of anxiety when you have a crush; being afraid to talk to that person you secretly adore. i really liked the set design of his performance sequence. im glad the director decided to ad more creative camera movements to transform the set from a stage and into cinematic entertainment. best part of the video was the saxophone sequence! pure genius. i was a bit disappointed that the actor was not actually playing the saxophone, but somehow still worked. i really thought that the rapid strobe lighting made the white strings and painted in white performer make sense. even with all of its technical faults, i really could not help but to enjoy this music video.