"dreams money can buy" inspiration

so i was listening to one of my favorite songs by drake “dreams money can buy” and i’m not sure why but today i immediately thought of alice and wonderland. in particular the scene with the infamous caterpillar. still thinking of a little twist i would add to it. i really love the whimsical  art direction that collaborates with the slithering movement and curving lines everywhere! i really would want something that clearly be referenced back to this particular scene in alice in wonderland. however, being that not only are we talking about a treatment for a music video, but for an artist like drake, i dont think the “disney land”/”everyone loves a fairy tale” feel will really work. therefore, there must be some other type of visual aspect that will juxtapose. it would be a great aspect to visually investigate the creation of a world so complex in its twists and turns but on the surface of humanity develops inevitable chaos.