the drake song that i mentioned in the previous post. take the time out to listen to the song while watching the alice and wonderland clip. i don’t think i would turn drake, the talent, into a caterpillar. his swag doesn’t really call for that. i really love how the scene opens with the slow track into the subject and the set. the leaving add my favorite cinematic approach breaking the fourth wall that separates the audience from the visual. i really love the affect it gives the viewer watching. people are always flattered with invitation. this aesthetic can do that!! 

i would definitely keep the talent on top of some sort of pedestal. maybe something related to music. i was thinking a turning record player, but then i thought that might be a little to expected. i always try to be not so boring. maybe to keep along with the whole fantasy dream-like thing i already got going one, why not place the artist in the booth. RAP CITY style. (there will be a future post about RAP CITY, stay tuned.) he can be on the pedestal, but he doesn’t necessarily have to be. 

i really like that fact the drake is an artist that almost has an extremely conscious need to just spit rhymes. videos may have some color lighting, great choreography, gorgeous women, and great camera work, but they all seem to focus on the artist simply (for the lack of a better phrase) spitting his lyrics. and i personally love that about a rap artist still so new to legion of hip hop. as a director it is my goal to create something that truly represents the artist and myself visually. state to the point yet a little inviting.